Time to reflect … almost

Although still busy decorating etc we are slowly starting to find some time to relax and enjoy our new living environment. My spring holiday will be starting soon, at which point I will be able to finally catch up and add some feedback on how the house design and building process have worked out so far.

Outlining some of the more obvious benefits so far offered by the house, are almost constant warm indoor temperatures, absolutely no condensation on any windows, and it seems – regular monthly energy payments rather than energy bills.

And at this time of year we are being blessed with some wonderful clear sunny winter days which deserve an attached photo …

clear winters day

clear winters day


About ifd66

From UK and living in Japan. I am very interested in sustainable development and in general ecology and conservation issues and solutions. Finished building a low impact family house in Shiga, Japan in 2013 and am now focused on using permaculture to develop our plot of land into a more sustainable, productive, and attractive space. My hope is that this blog is useful to those interested in similar issues and way of life.
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2 Responses to Time to reflect … almost

  1. Fantastic! I’d love to build a true eco-home, congratulations on your accomplishment.


    • ifd66 says:

      Thanks for your interest Maggie. I hope you manage to do the same. If you are living in the UK it is much easier to source low impact materials for housebuilding than here in Japan and as one of my earlier posts shows we shipped out much of the insulation, windows etc from the UK in a 20ft shipping container.
      Basically Japan is far far behind on terms of building well insulated housing and with the idea of self-builds.
      Hope everything works out for you.


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