Green (living) roof

A quick update and review of the main green (living) roof on our property. The attached photo gallery shows the 5 main layers needed to make a successful green roof, and how well the sedum has established itself and matured over the past two years. Sedums are ideal for green rooves as their root systems are shallow but dense and the plants themselves need very little water or weeding.

The 5 layers are:

  • Waterproof layer (pond liner)
  • Drainage layer (small stones)
  • A layer to help hold moisture (old carpets)
  • Root barrier
  • Soil (sand and leaf mould)

The benefits of any living roof are:

  • supports biodiversity
  • helps clean the air – absorbs CO2, gives of O2
  • helps retain water and runoff -soaks up large amounts of rain and releases it slowly
  • is a natural insulation – keeping building below cool in summer, warm in winter
  • can lengthen the life of a roof

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


About ifd66

From UK and living in Japan. I am very interested in sustainable development and in general ecology and conservation issues and solutions. Finished building a low impact family house in Shiga, Japan in 2013 and am now focused on using permaculture to develop our plot of land into a more sustainable, productive, and attractive space. My hope is that this blog is useful to those interested in similar issues and way of life.
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3 Responses to Green (living) roof

  1. Dale says:

    Very interesting. Too late to have a roove on my place?


    • ifd66 says:

      So long as the roof structure is stronge enough for the soil when it is wet and construction of the roof hasn’t finished – it isn’t too late. Woud certainly help keep the inside of the house better insulatied and the temperature out on the roof cooler in summer.


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