Bees and honey?

traditional japanese hive

traditional Japanese hive

By the end of this year, or more realistically, next year,  we hope to add honey to the list of foods we provide for ourselves. To get us started a local beekeeper provised us with 3 traditional style hives to attract native Japanese bees using the scent of wax.

If successful the bees will start making a cone from a horizonal cross suspended at the top of the top box. As it gets bigger, it will extend down to a second cross bar at the top of the next box. When the cone extends far enough into the next box, the cone in the top box can be cut off and harvested. The now empty box is then placed at the bottom of the stack. And so on…

That is the plan, and a wonderful site explaining this much better with video can be found here


About ifd66

From UK and living in Japan. I am very interested in sustainable development and in general ecology and conservation issues and solutions. Finished building a low impact family house in Shiga, Japan in 2013 and am now focused on using permaculture to develop our plot of land into a more sustainable, productive, and attractive space. My hope is that this blog is useful to those interested in similar issues and way of life.
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2 Responses to Bees and honey?

  1. alan basedow says:

    Hi Iain. Your beehive sounds great. Have you heard about these local Byron Bay beekeepers innovative idea?

    Hope you and family are good. I’ll Skype you sometime.

    Cheers, Alan



  2. Hi, if you care about sustainability, we invite you to join our community of conservation projects, environmental educational activities and ideas to help the environment, so that you can participate and benefit in multiple ways.


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